Young Kings Brand would like to acknowledge and salute the Young King Nehemiah Davis of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nehemiah is a walking inspiration. He is the author of the “Step Into Greatness Journal” and a huge philanthropist, working to motivate and encourage all adults and youth he encounters.

Nehemiah Davis has grabbed national attention in the wake of the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The citizens were in need of clean water after government officials knowingly allowed lead levels to increase which rendered the water poisonous and has already proven fatal.


Nehemiah Davis Foundation (501c3 nonprofit) teamed up with other businesses and community organizations (MidAltantic FX, Pretty Hungry, RAQWITME, & the Urban Art Gallery and more) to lead the #Philly2Flint movement driving through 24 inches of snowfall during the 2016 blizzard to deliver over 60,000 bottles of donated water in 3 large trucks to the citizens of Flint, Michigan.

We are amazed in the power of the people! Nehemiah Davis rallied Philadelphia locals who showed up for their fellow American citizens in a major way by delivering water and donating monetary gifts to support the mission. He has well-known inspirational speaker Eric Thomas, of Michigan, as well as Philly native and Detroit Pistons NBA player Marcus Morris getting on board delivering bottles of water and covering most of the travel expenses!

We at Young Kings Brand support and salute the Young King Nehemiah Davis and the Nehemiah Davis Foundation!


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Support: Nehemiah Davis Foundation (501c3 Nonprofit)

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We Shall Overcome Some Day…

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (1/15/1926 – 4/4/1968) is a greatly recognized and celebrated civil rights activist, who rallied, marched and peacefully protested against the discrimination and nation-wide degradation of African Americans as he fought for racial justice. Dr. King was assassinated April 4, 1968, but not before he made a lasting impact on our nation. The United States of America celebrates and acknowledges Dr. King as a servant leader by closing all schools and federal buildings and calling for a “Day of Service” every 3rd weekend in January.

Dr. King is best known for the historical and record breaking march on Washington, DC where he gave the “I Have A Dream” speech. Please listen and strive to uphold his legacy. Let the words resonate with you and go forth and do the works needed to help us realize and live Dr. King’s dream!


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manmustknow manhood is more than being man

Man Must Know: Being a Man means more than being a male. Sexual prowess nor your ability to reproduce are strong enough qualifiers. Manhood is a great responsibility & requires equally as great action. Providing for yourself and people you love & Showing Up are a couple of key requirements you must satisfy in order to place yourself into the esteemed category of being a Man. We The Kings challenge you to adopt and add to the definition of Manhood.


Fathers raise strong courageous leaders who in turn will lead with high levels of integrity, wisdom and compassion.

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This holiday season, don’t just think about yourselves and gifts. Think about the meaning behind Christmas. A child being born into this world and all his mother’s friends brought gifts for him (baby shower). Spend time with love ones you haven’t seen in months. Be grateful for the people in your life, roof over your head, food at the table, and most importantly, being alive. Someone died yesterday and today. That’s another family holiday riddled with grieving and a sad memories. Pray for them and remember; this is a time where all people come together to support, unite, and love each other. For tomorrow is not promised. As the New Year is approaching, remember we are more alike than we are unalike. Happy Holidays and peace be with you in 2016.


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“The United States is home to 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prisoners… For what we spend to keep everyone locked up for one year, we could eliminate tuition at every single one of our public colleges and universities.” ~ President of the United States, Barack Obama

The Black community is buzzing. Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T.) didn’t televise the historical 20th Anniversary, Million Man March (MMM); theme – Justice Or Else. But we are not thinking of the owner of B.E.T? Im sure B.E.T was told not to televise the event. Reason I have came to this conclusion is because; why would the Devil allow Angels to learn from one another and uplift each other? There’s a issue the Devil has with Angels being together, loving one another, and educating each other. Millions of Angels getting together for positive is a bad look in the Devil eyes. He doesn’t want urban neighborhoods’ Angels to see the positive unifying benefits of the Million Man March. That’s to many Angels in his eyes, that are going to positively impact their communities.

So the Devil didn’t allow Million Man March to be televised. Yet another attempt to still control us. It’s another way of him saying ” You all can get together and talk about the harm I’ve created for you. Talk about how to stop it while uniting as one, but I still have control some way and somehow, and it won’t be televised.” President Obama wasn’t even at the march.

Honorable Mention to REVOLT TV & P.Diddy for full coverage and live streaming the Million Man March.

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” …but it IS happening!


Written By: Young King Von Ruff


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