Empowering A New Generation Of Leaders

What is Young Kings Brand? An Empowerment Brand for the Culture!!

Young Kings Brand was created with the sole purpose of empowering young men to be self-assured, educated, disciplined, flourishing, compassionate leaders. The creators and contributors of YoungKingsBrand.com recognized the lack of positive imagery and commercialized self-esteem building devices for young men and young boys. So, we devised a plan to turn things around for the better beginning with the universal symbol of authority, royalty, and leadership, the Crown. Established in January 2014, Young Kings Brand has become known for crowning young boys and men across the United States. The crown and all its kingly symbolism is one of the now many Empowerment Products & Services we offer to uplift, inspire, motivate, educate and perpetuate a regal mindset within our Young Kings.

Young Kings Brand coordinates and hosts events that propel young men and women to greatness. We empower leaders by challenging character, engaging in leadership cultivating events, and participating in projects that build self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-love, positive self-image and more. The Young Kings Brand experience embodies the spirit of giving and being grateful. We’ve developed a book scholarship for deserving Young Kings who volunteer in their community and achieve academically. We remain active in our communities by linking with existing foundations and organizations with a similar mission and passion for tapping into the strong resilient nature of OUR young men.


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